Welcome to my site

Photography is a way for me to not only express my love of art, but also of all things that touch me in this world. Looking at this site it is obvious that I love women and the way their beauty, form, grace and emotions present such interesting and diverse canvases for me the photographer to celebrate, work with and for the camera to capture.

I am an aspiring but frustrated artist. I cannot draw or paint and I have no training, yet I see and feel so many different and exciting perspectives in everything I experience in my life and long to express myself in a way that others can see and feel what I can.

I am experimenting with body painting, liquid latex, costumes, stage sets and even poetry [simple rhymes really]. I have already written some short stories and who knows, perhaps I will try my hand at painting. I am not afraid of doing any of them badly as long as I try the best I can and possibly touch someone out there.

This is a journey for me and I welcome your company. Come and go as you wish and feel free to share your opinions and feelings as we follow a path together, even just for a few precious steps.

Working with me

This site is about art and collaboration. If you want to work with me in any capacity on a project, whether you are a model, makeup artist, stylist, painter or writer I would love to hear from you. Experience or lack of it is of little consequence, it is passion and feeling that would draw me to you, and you to me.