The Attic

Relationships are strange webs which quite often are woven not just with love and mutual


Sadly I have come across too many broken, frightened and abused young people. I cannot


As an older photographer models sometimes confide in me and tell me of their problems.


OK, call me old fashioned, but I value true friendship. Not the good time ones,


Every year universities spew out their graduated hopefulls into the wide cruel world. They sit

I wish

A slightly self indulgent, self pitying but light hearted if a tad risqué reflection on


One of my series of what a model might be thinking during a shoot, but


What is it with women? When you tell them that you can do something they

The "L" word

So many times I have heard people use phrases along the lines of ‘I really

Moving On

This is really inspired by a mixture of comments I have heard, and especially by

Mrs Havisham

My sincere apologies to Mr. Charles Dickens for appropriating his character as my inspiration for

I Cry

I wrote this after the attacks in Paris. Like so many I was deeply shocked,


I cannot count the times guys have told me that they have become friends with


As a photographer I shoot with hundreds of models. I have written a series of

Reluctant Revisit

This is based on a sad story told to me by a fellow photographer .....

So You Think You Know Me

A guy who thinks he is smarter than his girlfriend and is a bit of


On a recent visit to Paris I noticed some old stone steps that went down


Another in my series of wondering what a model might be thinking whilst being

Thrills and Fear

I have a real fear of heights! A few years back at a music


So what if their is an entity out there in the cosmos that watches our

The Adventure

A trip to the Green Man music festival by people who shall not be named

Robot's Lament

In this age of the dawn of AI [artificial intelligence] perhaps we will have robots

Successful Bitch

I had the pleasure of meeting a very successful and stunningly beautiful lady whist travelling