I shot with Harvey for the first time last week. He was awesome, sat and explained exactly how he works, which puts you instantly at ease as you know the crack. We went through my clothing picked out some things and started shooting! We did some really cool ideas and I was really impressed with how they turned out! Harvey is a really nice down to earth guy who knows his stuff, hes really easy to approach and talk to and kept the shoot light and full of laughs! Im really happy I got the chance to work with him :) Thanks so much! Highly Recommended. LottiiRose x

Elle Beth

I had my second shoot with Harvey, As always Harvey was very upbeat and had lots of energy towards what we where going to shoot and made it very enjoyable. We got some great images, some very different to what i normally shoot but Harvey made sure i was comfortable at all times. Highly Recommended!

Lena 93

One of the kindest, most professional people I've worked with. Harvey made me feel very comfortable during the shoot resulting in images turning out great. Absolute pleasure to work with, I hope we'll get to shoot again soon :)

Helen Stephens

This was the second time I had the absolute pleasure to work with Harvey. Harvey is brilliant fun to work with and wonderfully creative. He is charismatic, enthusiastic and always puts a model's comfort first. Pre-shoot communications were super. I knew exactly what to expect from each set we did, I was also aware of what I needed to bring - this is always such a huge help as I can ensure I arrive at a shoot fully prepared - I wish more photographers would do this! I would happily work with Harvey again in an instant! Very highly recommended!!

Shibari gymnast

Met Harvey at a group shoot this weekend and had an absolute whale of a time. He came prepared with clear ideas of the images he wanted to get and gave good direction to help me get the poses he wanted, but he was also really open minded and let me be silly and creative, so we got a good variety of shots. He's fun to work with and is pretty hilarious, and clearly also a top notch photographer who really knows what he's doing, so I would 100% recommend working with him to others

DB Muffin

Harvey can be a bit of a cheeky chappie but that's part of why I enjoy working with him. He's also go some really fab ideas which helps and is really easy to get a long with. If you want a photographer to show off a bit of attitude with Harvey is your guy! I look forward to (hopefully) many more opportunities to work with him again


Harvey is really nice person and great photographer, I can highly recommend him ! I enjoyed our shoot and I would definitely work with him again.Thank you very much and hopefully see you soon ! Mia


Had my first shoot with Harvey. Was a good few hours with him shooting a variety of styles with really good back of the camera results I think you definitely need to know his conversational topics and banter are just who he is and not to take it the wrong way! But we got on very well had a fantastic laugh as well as had a great day! Definitely would recommend


I have worked with Harvey for the 2nd time, as per my request at Chiddilingye Group Shoot, because I know he is such a pleasant guy to work with, and for sure he would be able to create another great images...!! Always ready, very easy and such a pleasure to work with.! And as usual he puts up with my insecurities and flaws once again :) And we always come up with gorgeous Images. Harvey is well worth recommending to all models !! I hope to collaborate with him again someday....! Thank you Harvey for being a cool photographer.!!


Its an absolute pleasure to work with Harvey again, he is a true friend, and i just love working with him, he does bite but he is vaccinated and only on special occasions. bBut seriously he is truly a gent, funny and has an eye for an image, i mean wow! look at his work, if your able to book with him you simply must, thank once again Harvey beautiful images as always lisaxxx


I had the great pleasure of shooting in Valencia, Spain with Harvey. Harvey is a lovely, outgoing and kind gentleman. We had a great 5 days shooting. I enjoyed every moment out there :) We all had a great time. I defiantly recommend Harvey. Thanks again :) you star!!! X


I had a great shooting with Harvey. I like his attention for details, his artistic eye for producing amazing images. He's very easygoing, friendly and professional, he has a well equipped studio which is a good set for photography. I felt comfortable during the shooting and he leads me for poses and details. Great photographer and great person. I highly recommend him.


Working with Harvey was a pleasure. He was very professional and made me feel very comfortable. Before anything he is a lovely person. The whole shoot had a very pleasant atmosphere with nice music in the background. I highly recommend him to anyone! :)


Shooting with Harvey was an amazing experience. He's a great photographer, fun to work with, easy going and respectful.

Katrina Stamp

Fabulous to work with! Harvey is creative and fun on a shoot, with a great sense of humour and a passion for what he does. Definitely recommend Harvey to work with as a photographer and would personally be delighted to work with him again.

Helena N

Great atmosphere Harvey! Very relaxed and nothing to worry about.Any crazy (in a positive way) ideas are welcome.The crazier the better! Highly recommended for those trying new things or looking for improvement.

Liliana Krupa

A very professional photographer, pleasure to work with. One of the most enjoyable shoots I have done :)

Roxanne Gregory

Harvey was such a nice, fun & interesting character that it didn't feel like work. But needless to say, we got some wonderful shots.

Lauren Tamlyn Gillies

An absolute pleasure to work with, Harvey is kind, understanding and happy to shape his work around the needs of the model. Fantastic and quirky concepts with a clear creative vision made for a great shoot!

Sara Parker

First time working with Harvey, and had an Amazing shoot and not to mention an Amazing photographer His years of experience shows through his professional approach to the shoot ideas and style. At ease to shoot and talk to and has given me advice that was well appreciated Looking forward to working together again in many many shoots to come Highly recommended and models should not hesitate at all when booking with Harvey Sara P x

Hiromi Abe

Had a fantastic shoot with Harvey! He is an amazing photographer and person. We had a great time and got some amazing photos and I hope to be working again with him soon

Grace Briscoe

Fantastic photographer

Rebecca Quinn

Harvey was great to work with and came up with some exciting shots and locations- cannot wait to see the photographs!

Ellinor Persdotter

Had a great afternoon shooting with Harvey! He knows what he wants from the pictures and really works to put you at ease, absolutely recommend!

Ilaria Manciani

It was Such a great pleasure to work with Harvey ! He's so professional I Higly recommend him ! He's really creative and I felt so at ease while shooting with him , He's so creative and respectful towards the team , Hopefully I will work with him again in the future !


I had the pleasure of spending 7 days with Harvey in Xativa, Spain. This is not the first time we have shot, however it is the first time we have spent so much time together and I have to say, I had an absolutely brilliant time! Harvey always comes up with great ideas for shoots. I love working with him because he just puts so much effort in! There are ideas, outfits, accessories and laughs a plenty! Besides his creative side, he is an absolute gem to work with. He's polite, professional, a good laugh and a gentleman. I highly recommend working with Harvey if you get the chance.


Had a great time working with Harvey in Valencia, Spain. Harvey was easygoing, professional, lovely personality, respected the limits of the model and made the atmosphere comforting. He is full of creative ideas. We created beautiful work together, wish we lived closer to create more!


Thank you very much Harvey for a wonderful photo shoot, was very nice and very interesting to working with you ! You have a Huge set of different outfits, we created a great variety of styles. Highly recommended Professional to working with ! Kind regards, Irina :)

Lyssa Noir

I'm so glad I got to shoot with Harvey the other week. It was my first time shooting fully nude (with body-paint) and between us we created some beautiful images. Harvey is respectful, easy going and there wasn't an awkward moment during the 4 hours we were shooting, dancing and painting! I look forward to working with him again. 100% recommended

Keira Lavelle

My most recent London tour saw my first ever shoot with the lovely Harvey at his regular Studio space where we were able to work our way through a truly fabulous variety of styles from body-painting to epic/quirky fashion-nudes and even Cosplay! Safe to say; we had a very productive half day indeed and what was really nice about shooting with Harvey was that: despite the fact he was booking me, he was just totally welcoming of a collaborative way of shooting with a share of ideas, input and team creativity. There was a constant rapport going on right until we called it a wrap and looking through the back of the camera was quite dazzling... the problem wasn't spotting the good shots, it was spotting the shots that didn't work! Talk about a high hit rate! Big smile Harvey was very supporting and positive during our shoot: he talked me through the protocols of the body painting/latex work he does to ensure I was 1000% comfortable with everything and at ease throughout. This is most certainly a photographer who values respect for models and vice versa: He sets up his shoots with professionalism and when working with a model for the first time will always have a proper chat about his styles of work/create an opportunity to run over ideas in detail so the model knows exactly what to expect/where the looks are going. As I say: the styling of the shoots with Harvey is very much a team thing and I really enjoyed giving what I had as an imaginative thinker and even helping with the body-painting/makeup! Big smile Harvey has it off to a tee: shoots where all the members involved work together are always prolific without a shadow of a doubt. Communications were fantabulous from the word go, Harvey has complete appreciation for the fact that a touring model needs to plan her travels and whereabouts so his swift replies when we were getting it all arranged were so helpful to me. I can't thank him enough for that. He kindly picked me up from my previous shoot and dropped me back at a station after our shoot so I could get the train back to my base in London - total gent. The shoot was a real laugh; lots of chatter/banter/jokiness and positive atmosphere and vibes. This really helps to generate good workflow because if everyone on set is getting along and happy then you just get on with the work in hand much better. Smile Harvey is one of those people who is naturally easy to get on with/a real people person so models will find it easy to gel creatively with Harvey, he's chirpy and upbeat plus down to earth and easy going too. No fuss, just a really awesome and fun shoot to be expected. Very much recommended and I certainly look forward to working with Harvey again in the future when I do venture to London again! Smile Thank you Harvey, the images are truly awesome - watch this space Purpleporters! Keira x


I really enjoyed my first shoot with Harvey, he is such a sweet heart, we got on really well and had a great time shooting some body paint and lingerie images. Harvey is really creative and comes up with exciting concepts, he really makes you feel at home in the studio and is very respectful of your personal space and what you are comfortable and not comfortable with. I am really happy with the photos we got and I am looking forward to shooting with him again!


So it was my very first photo shoot with Harvey and what I loved the most about him was that he made me feel very comfortable and did everything to create the best shot and set the studio lighting its best. He is a genuinely nice person and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking at building their portfolio. And we are already planning to have another shoot.

Tansy Blue

I've shot with Harvey twice now and enjoyed it both times. He's a lovely man and a skilled photographer, good to chat to, creative, and always showing up with stacks and stacks of props. Would love to work with him again.

Autumn Sapphire

Worked with Harvey at the Help for Heroes group shoot. Got some cracking pictures and had fun along the way. Would like to work with him again. Thanks Harvey x